Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 1 - The Successes and Frustrations of Sydney to Kiama

Today has been an eventful one to say the least. After arriving at the Sydney Opera House with minimal sleep we were greeted by a group of friends who had not only managed get out of bed to see us off at 5am but some had traveled as far as Canberra just to pass on their well wishes. Once we had been fed and caffeinated myself, Shu and Adam set out for what was to become an epic adventure.

The first rest was set to be at Kareela, 25 km out from the start, which was a hassle free journey filled with light hearted chatter about holiday happenings and the etiquette of Sydney drivers towards cyclists. We were welcomed to the rest stop with a nice surprise of the St George / Sutherland Parkinson's support group who had come to wish us well on the ride. After spending some time chatting the time had come for us to move along and begin the next stage of the cycle.

St George / Sutherland Parkinson's support group greeted me at Kareela

The next rest stop was in Helensburg. As was bound to happen I managed to get lost, which was surprisingly easy seeing that we were just following the one road. After our slight detour everything ran smoothly to the rest stop. After Helensburg we moved on to Corrimal, which we arrived late after we managed to loose the Princes Highway when it turned into Bulli Pass, it was after this that I decided I really should have spent the extra money and invested in a GPS.

Shu and I posing at Helensburg

At Corrimal we were welcomed by John from the Corrimal Parkinson's support group. Unfortunately due to the fact that we were already late I was unable to spend as much time as I would have liked talking with John but we had to move on to the next stop at Haywards Bay.

John and I at Corrimal

This stop was by far my favourite only because it was here that my dad was to join me for the final leg into Sydney. Just the thought of my dad waiting for me at Haywards Bay gave me more of a boost then a GU Gell (the best energy supplement a cyclist could ever ask for). Sure enough as I arrived at the rest my dad was ready and waiting, bike at side. After we had all been fed up on much needed tuna sandwiches we all headed out on the last leg of day 1. As luck would have it it was on this last leg that the wind and rain started to pick up resulting in us just taking it nice and slow. Once we arrived in Kiama our spirits were lifted by the sight of the Lighthouse. As would be expected we were not even 100m from ending what turned out to be a 130.3km day when I managed to get a puncture in my rear tire, I guess it was the best place it could have happened.

End of Day 1, I think we are all ready to flop

Currently we are all sitting around fixing my brand new "heavy duty" tires which were cannibalised by a shard of break light penetrating right the way through, even with a glass of champas in hand this is proving a tiresome and frustrating task.

Adam and I resting up

Tomorrows stretch is from Kiama to Mollymook and the weather seems to be staying wet. Even though I am tired I am still really looking forward to the adventures which lie ahead.

Stay dry.


  1. Keep spinning Sarah. Hope you're chasing the sun and not the wind and the rain.

  2. Hi Shu, Hope you made it home safe. When it wasn't pouring I was faced with head on winds... it was such a cold long ride today :o( I guess it will only make tomorrow seem even better then it would have other wise :oD