Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 4 - Rest and recuperating in pleasant coastal surrounds

Despite my original concerns today remained nice and dry with only a light mottling of cloud cover. Adam and I decided a sleep in was in order so all alarms were silenced. As expected we the actual sleep in was no where near as grand as we had planned, I began to stir at six and we were will and truly into breakfast by eight, however I must say it is an improvement on the reading of 3:45AM I've been seeing on my phone every other morning.

Adam enjoying a cooked meal (AKA Saving the sausages)

We decided to be slightly more adventurous with breakfast this morning, now weather this was because we had the time or because all our ice had melted and the sausages needed eating you will never know. Adam cooked up some eggs and sausages while I scoffed some of my special gluten free muesli (I am endeavoring to get as many carbs as possible for the hills I am about to face). The toast was slightly more interesting matter as technically it was fried bread and although Adam's went crispy like you would expect toast to be mine went soggy (I blame the lack of gluten).

After breakfast we packed up camp and went into town as the weather forecast was for rain. Taking the scenic rout into Narooma, via Dalmeny, was a fantastic decision on Adam's part as it meant I wouldn't have nightmares about tomorrows ride. Dalmeny is a gorgeous little town which is honestly picture perfect, unpolluted, green and peaceful. Questions did however have to be asked about the positioning of the boat ramp.

Dalmeny boat ramp, they are breakers you see

Once in Narooma we called into the visitors centre and sussed out if they still had the evening Montague Island charters and tours I had done as a child, unfortunately we had missed the only one for today. The information centre did however point out a few nice areas and walks to visit including Australia Rock, as you will see below, and a beautiful boardwalk along the shore.

Australia Rock, can you see it???? I was so happy when I made it out

After our little touristy activities Adam and I indulged in lunch, being a tuna sandwich, then headed to the shops to get necessities such as ice and gluten free bread. You would not believe how hard it was to get gluten free bread here, it would appear that while most places get it in they sell out and all orders come in tomorrow morning, which isn’t much use. Luck for me we stumbled across this beautiful little shop called Grandpa's Garden which I would highly recommend you go to if you are ever in the area, it is in the Narooma Plaza across from Woolies. I had a great chat with the lovely gentleman there who happened to have a gluten free Sourdough, which I have never come across and can’t wait to try. Those of you who know me will understand how exciting this is, unfortunately due to many other issues I can not just wander into Coles or woolies and grab a commercial loaf as sometimes these cause me more trouble, but after going through all the ingredients of this sourdough I am sure I'm in for a treat.

Once we collected everything we needed, excluding lettuce ($3.69 for two wilting leaves of iceberg seemed a tad rich) we headed back toward camp, via a little walk. This was a 2km loop walk which starts from the rest area just south of the Lake Brou road turn off, on the Princes, and it was very pleasant. The track itself wasn’t overly maintained but it was definitely a pretty little walk which enabled me to stretch my legs ready to pedal again tomorrow.

Me, just taking a little rest from stretching my legs, it's not like they hurt or anything

Currently we are back at camp and just about to cook dinner, pasta's on the menu tonight as I need to eat for survival of the conditions ahead. I am excited about tomorrows ride, not only to I pass through Central Tilba but I also get to finally meet Karyn, a lovely lady who I have been exchanging emails with and will be joining me on part of the ride tomorrow.

Take care and please sleep in for me.

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  1. Hi guys glad you like that area of the world Alan had many a holiday there, i am sure Adam told you about it. Take care heading south there are now fires at Wilsons Promontory.
    Hope you get your milkshake at Central Tilba,
    Be safe Love Anne.