Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 8 - The importance of the morning coffee

I guess it is my own fault for not being bothered last night to fill the furnace with hot water but today I discovered first hand the shear importance of my morning coffee when putting myself through the early mornings, late nights and long cycles. Today was only a short day consisting of only two legs however the first of these I almost did fall asleep at the handle bars. It wasn't until I got to the first stop and sucked back a coffee that I realised why. I guess the combination of everything just got the better of me.

mmmmm coffee.... It's amazing how easy it was to cycle after that

The reason we didn't get a chance to pre-boil water last night is however rather amusing. A few days ago we left the boot open while hanging around camp, only to find the next morning that an empty UHT milk carton left out had been eaten by something. We presumed that this happened the night before and moved on as we had been very careful to ensure all food is in either the esky or plastic cartons, we did however decide to not leave the boot open for extended periods of time from that point on. The next evening we were in Alfred National Park and had no access to bins, as a result in order to avoid animals rummaging while we sleep we locked the rubbish bag up in the car. The next morning we awoke to fine a hole eaten through the bag and egg shells scatted throughout the boot. At this point both Adam and I were sure the other had left the boot open too long at one stage but simply moved on. Last night however after a few games of ping pong we headed back to camp to make dinner, Adam opened the boot only to see something run before his eyes and rest in a corner, tail hanging out...

We have a stowaway!!! We tried for so long to scare and lure him out with no luck what so ever and today we have unpacked the entire cars contents and checked all bags with still no luck. We know he is still in there and are leaving the car open in the drive in hopes that he runs out. What else can we do?

Anyway more about where we are. Tonight we are staying in Lakes Entrance, not only that my mother decided to take the time to come to greet me so instead of spending the next two nights in a tent as planned we have the most luxurious apartment you have ever seen. On arrival to the apartment I indulged in my replenished stocks of gluten free bread which mum transported from Canberra and then had the longest, hottest, most amazing shower ever imaginable. We then put everything in the wash (with double powder), meaning I now have clean undies :o) and headed to the shops to get lunch stuff.

What a lunch, we felt like kings!

Lunch was pure bliss and can not be compared on the same level as our meals in a tin, we had fresh prawns and oysters with salad and bread. It was the most amazing feast! Tonight we will be hitting the town for a deluxe seafood platter at one of the local restaurants (best rest day ever!!!).

Arrrgh I just cant decide between the Putt Putt courses

After lunch mum had to catch up on some work so Adam and I headed out to play some serious mini golf. Now I have a little confession to make, I am actually not sure I have ever played mini golf before. I have played pitch and putt but never your classic windmill obstacle putt putt. As lunch would have it there are two courses in Lakes Entrance, right next door to each other. Given the affordable price of $6 per 18 holes as well as our inability to decide on a pirate theme or classic putt putt we decided to do both. Now I have learned from this that I am not the safest person to be around while playing this game as well as the fact that I would be the best at this game if only they doubled the Par... In conclusion if you ever intend on playing putt putt with me bring a helmet and patience.

Everybody duck!!!!!

Currently we are all still digesting lunch and will be heading out for dinner in a few hours. Adam was about to go do something but it appears I have worn him out with all the early mornings and phhhhoww all that driving he's doing, he must be dead :oP

Sleeping beauty, I can tell you now he isn't waking for anything

I hope you all get a dinner as yummy as mine will be.

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