Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 10 - The budget GPS will get us there...

Firstly I would like to let everyone know that I discovered this morning the "creature" previously thought to be a marsupial mouse was in fact a big rat... YUKO. Secondly you will all be please to know I got rid of him this morning so we now have a nice clean car and my iron pills can be reassured that only I will be consuming them.

Today was a long day, but lucky for me it didn't end up hot as we had originally thought. Our first stop was Warragul where we were met by the Warragul Parkinson's Support group who kindly pried themselves from bed on such a drizzly morning. Even after getting lost on the way to the meeting place I still managed to find time to eat an egg sandwich, some nuts and drink tea while talking with the group.

The Warragul Support group, a lot more awake then I was

The next stop was Bunyip North, it was a fairly quiet rest stop here and Adam and I decided we'd cook toast. Well I originally decided then Adam stole some while I wasn't looking, then thought he should cook his own as gluten free bread doesn't really do it for him. It was here I also discovered a new favorite toast topping, peanut butter and sultanas (best energy kick ever!).

Yes I understand you may think it looks gross but it is really quite nice, just try it.

On the way to the third rest as Berwick show ground I was making fantastic time, then I passed an elderly couple having some car trouble and gave them a hand sorting things out. I would have still been ahead if it wasn't for the strange sign posting and weird way of getting off the Princes Freeway onto the C101. Not only did I get totally lost and confused (which would happen if you told me to follow a straight line) Adam also got thrown off track. Good news is I have discovered a fool proof budget GPS, permanent marker on legs. There are still a few bugs I'm ironing out but it's better then nothing.

Worlds cheapest and easiest to work GPS

When we finally made it to the show ground we were provided with a warm welcome by the Cranbourne Parkinson's Support Group and their most magnificent sign. Here we stood around and chatted for a bit over a very much needed coffee. One of the members of this group Anne has started Paint for Parkinson's within Victoria which provides an opportunity for sufferers of Parkinson's to express themselves and socialise through art. If you would like further information as to weather there is a group near you or how you can start your own group drop me a line and I will put you in touch with Anne.

Cranbourne Support Group and there fantastic sign.

The final stop for the day was Frankston and bot was this leg painful. Between having to navigate through roads, avoid very rude truck drivers who knock you off and keep my legs moving I am surprised I made it. But I did, which means only one more leg to go :o)

For dinner tonight Adam and I decided we'd go out as we really didn't want to shop and cook tonight. To our great amazement we found an all you could eat restaurant which served mussels and prawns as well as a decent salad selection all for $16.90 each. So while Adam stocked up on everything and three deserts I raided the seafood and salad bar and definitely ate more then three times the value we paid (I don't think they expect cyclists who've ridden from Sydney much).

Look at my yummy seafood, plate 1 of god knows how many

Now this may have been a world first for Sizzler style dinning... a whole plate of salad??? YUM!

Adam became traumatised after the 3rd bowl of dessert, I just went back for more seafood.

On a totally random note the bellow picture of a tap had to be added in as the most random thing we have seen as it is not just attached but it is apart of the show ground fence.... ummmm

Yes that is a tap-fence you see, it works too!

Hope you are all as excited about tomorrow as I am.

Sleep well.

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