Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 6 - The point of no return

Half way point (Adam kindly measured and waited there to inform me)

I know I normally start from the beginning of the day but I'll get to that soon enough. I am just in celebration mode as I passed the 1/2 way mark (YAY!!!), which is now 50 km behind me. I can honestly say that it didn't matter how saw my bum was I pedaled harder then I have ever pedaled, which was not easy given the length and terrain of the day.

Ok now back to the beginning...

The first stop for the day was Eden, the trip there was fairly pleasant. There was definitely a range of ups and downs but the weather was perfect and sunny with a few white fluffy clouds so the time flew by. On this leg I made a little bit of a boo boo I never thought possible and broke the speed limit by 10km which I did correct as soon as I realised.

This was the sign at Eden (So close to half way)

I arrived in Eden nice and early and decided I'd spend the extra time doing the dished we had left because of the poor weather the night before along with the morning rush. I guess after a week into things you don't realise how funny it may look for passes by to see a women clothed in licra with bike and helmet washing the dished on the side of the road in the main street of a town, apparently it was quite amusing. Anyway just as I was up to my last few items we were greeted by a local couple Max and Shirley who had heard about the ride via ABC and came to wish me well. Both Max and Shirley are apart of the new Parkinson's Support group for that area, based in Bega. Soon after my riding partner for the next leg arrived, Ian Campbell. Ian and I have been taking a lot over the past few weeks and he has put in an amazing effort to assist in raising awareness of not just the ride but Parkinson's disease as well.

Max and Shirley wishing me well on my way

Once on the road Ian and I managed to get a bit of a chat in however due to a combination of logging trucks and shoulder-less road most of the talking was done at stops. Ian cycled through to Scrubby Creek with me and once we were rested he decided he'd cycle back (to even more hills). I really can not thank Ian enough as he has really put a great effort into ensuing everyone knows about this ride and the cause and I have been getting toots and well wished from every direction as a result.

Ian and myself posing for a shot

The trip from Scrubby Creek was a relatively long one, given it was only the half way marker, and the sun had begun to beat down. However as said before my day was made when I passed the half way point of my ride, followed by the NSW /VIC boarder 10km after. Adam and I are camped in Alfred National Park tonight where there is no phone or internet signal so this post will again be late. Today ended up adding up to 121.55km and to be honest I was not only stuffed by the end of it but I have broken skin :(

The NSW and VIC boarder, visible by road

Alas the ride must go on, while I can now be sure that more people in NSW know and understand Parkinson's disease and the support which is out there just that little bit more, I have only just entered VIC and have a long week ahead of me.

Take care and sit in cushioned seats (soft fluffy ones!!!)

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