Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 3: Let there be light

Mollymook beach as we set out (fantastic picture by Adam)

Today fell into place quite nicely, while there were patches of rain in the morning things cleared up enough to show a bit of sunlight. We started the day back at Mollymook beach and headed in towards Batemans Bay, with a small stop in the middle. As expected while the rain manages so well to hold off in the first part of this ride as soon as I came close to the Bay it poured, which is very typical of the Bay if i say so myself. Here I rested and then moved on while Adam wend and bought a card reader so we could begin uploading images :o)

Mollymook beach as we set out (fantastic picture by Adam)

The next stop was Moruya which was a littler windy but sunny enough for us to get out some chairs and sit down to enjoy a sandwich and the river front views. When cycling from Moruya to Lake Brou I came across one of the most interesting things I have ever seen, it was a dried frog. I just wish I had my camera at that stage, it was perfectly formed just dried and out stretched on the shoulder of the road. Anyway enough of that.

By the time we arrived to Lake Brou it was well and truly sunny, perfect time to set up camp.

Our beautiful camp site

Once camp was all setup Adam and I decided to go for a walk along the beach to stretch our legs. To our total amazement Adam noted some thing running around in the dunes at a fairy fast pace. Curios we walked towards it only to find two of the most beautiful Emus. Now I am not sure were Emu's have their natural habitat but I definitely would have never thought to find them at the beach.

Two beautiful Emu's playing at Lake Brou Beach

All up today was a quiet day and if all goes to plan tomorrow will be a nice restful day off before continuing toward Melbourne. I will need to dust off my fishing gear I think.

I hope you are all well.


  1. :) Sunshine.
    Wish I was there.

  2. Ha ha there is a touch today too, but it is about to go :(

  3. so sarah r u the only one riding? well anyway good on ya hope you're having fun! Pete

  4. Hi it is great to see what you are up to ,it seems it is going well, be safe and have fun. love Anne. A.

  5. Pete: At the moment yes, I do have people joining me for legs here and there which is fantastic! You do start going a touch batty when you ride alone for days on end...

    Anne: It is going great! I'm glad to know you like the blog :o) Adam is in charge of the "keeping safe" bit and doing a brilliant job (as usual)