Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 13 - Final Stand when your legs would rather sit

I have to say it was exceedingly easy to get up this morning, my alarm went off at 4AM and I was up like a flash. For Adam it did not appear to be so easy. Once we were up we rushed around to pack up camp so we could make it back to Ballam Park to meet with Max. I was so grateful to have a caravan park kitchen as it meant I could have a pipping hot coffee and egg on toast, which was required give n the cold temperatures.

We ended up being a few minutes late for poor Max who had begun to question if he had come to the correct location. Once we arrived we introduced ourselves, checked bikes and went on our way. Along the ride I was able to find out a bit more about this mystery rider. It turns out Max is also about to head off on the same pedal for Parkinson's in Vietnam as Karyn, who I rode into Bega with. The first leg with Max was 19km and was perfect conditions and a wide shoulder so we could chat more. After the first rest we called those meeting us at the finish and informed them we were on time then headed of on the final leg of 28km. This leg would have been great out of peak and without drivers like registration number WOT:007 (Green ford) who thought it would be smart to get close enough to knock Max with the side of his car. After simply brushing it off we moved on.

I was amazed by the number of people that cycle in Melbourne, it walks all over Sydney. On that note though I do see why, the city is made for it. It was just so simple to get into the city, no one way streets no ridiculously tight one lane roads and well signposted, I thought I was in heaven.

Yay we made it!!!! Still hasn't hit home yet.

On arrival we were greeted by Glen and Cath (from Pakinson's Victoria) as well as a sleepy Adam. Again this was the first time I had met both Glen and Cath and I was very lucky that they had the time to sit down for some coffee and breakfast (on a seat much more comfy then my bikes).

Eventually we all had to head our separate ways, Glen and Cath to work, Max to his car, Adam and I to shopping then home. My original plan was to get some clothes that fit while I was in Melbourne but that failed as I am the worlds worst clothes shopper, I get frustrated, thus we began to drive home. We are currently entering Yass and will be spending the night in Canberra with my parents who are very excited to see me, then we will head back to Sydney tomorrow.

Adam eating lunch in a classy Melbourne Cafe (Anyone would think he didn't like my camp cooking...)

I would like to thank all of you for keeping up-to-date and reading my stories as this cycle has meant a lot to me and I have most certainly been touched by all of you along the way. Please don't be a stranger, email me, let me know how things are and your ideas as to how we can make next years ride even better.

Toilets on the way home, you have to ask do they mean under the age of 18??? and why?

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all again next year (If not before).



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