Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh the Rain

Well it would appear that this weeks forecast is not ideal for the ride with showers predicted each day along the way and a storm predicted for Thursday (YUCK!). While I probably should be grateful for loosing the scorching heat I am dreading the continuous dampness that will linger for at least the first half of the ride. This may be made a touch worse by the fact that we are camping along the way so not only will we have wet cycling clothes we will have wet everything, and no real place to dry them.

All in all preparation and packing has been going well. I have managed to wrestle my way through all the kind hearted shoppers who chose to spend this fine rainy afternoon shopping at Woolies as for today all their profits are being directed towards Red Cross in aid of the Victorian Fires. Fantastic idea if I say so myself and as a result I too chose to buy all my non perishables today as well as the first few days of perishable supplies.

Now that I have everything I am currently playing the lets get obsessive compulsive with zip lock bags game. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this game you simply section everything you can in to serves, place 1 serve per zip lock bag and mark out what it is and when it is for with a permanent marker. Once all serves are sectioned out and marked you select a range of the zip locked serves to create a "meal", putting all the selected serves into a larger zip lock bag and marking what meal it is and when it is to be eaten. After arranging a collection of "meals" you simply select the meals you will consume in one day and place these in an even larger zip lock bag marking it with your name and the day you plan to eat it. Anyway I am sure you get the point. My hope is that this will make my life a zillion-billion times easier to make no fuss food when I'm exhausted, soaking wet and cold, I guess we will see.

Other events of today have included triple checking all camping gear, as a result I have learnt that my living area can fit two fully assembled 3-4 man tents with out having to move anything around. Granted that you may have problems navigating your way to the entrances or across the room, but that's not really the point is it.

Well I believe I have had well and truly enough of a procrastination break and better get back to it as I could really do with a good night sleep tonight. I look forward to seeing some of you at 5am tomorrow outside the front stairs of the Sydney Opera House.

Take care, stay dry.

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