Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 11 - Hide and seek in the car

The fantastic tape job holding together my shoe

I would like to start by simply saying the mouse remains in our car. That's right despite our ingenious plans, traps and various methods it still remains. As the mouse had previously eaten my entire collection of iron pills I felt I best be careful as to where I put my replacement pack, and nothing is more safe in any car than a glove box. This morning I was proved wrong, just as I was about to leave I remembered I had to take my iron and opened the glove box to find again that the lid had been totally consumed along with my tablets. I don't want to know how the mouse got in there and I really dont want to know where else in the dash/car internals it is going and what it is eating along the way, I just want it out!!! So far the following things are on the list of what I have learned the Australian marsupial mouse likes to eat:

  • Iron Tablets
  • Orange GU Electrolyte powder (GU20), he doesn't like lime at all
  • Potato
  • Drink bottle tops (the rubber pop top bit)
  • Pain killer gel
  • Road Cycling shoes (particularly smelly ones)
  • Used coffee grounds
  • Egg shells

I really can't wait to totally unpack the car to find out what else he has indulged in.

Today was again a bit of a late start as Adam and I wanted to be on top of the fire situation before I began cycling. Lucky for us we appear to dodge all fire activity at this time but we are keeping an eye out, particularly as the winds and temperatures increase.

The first stop was at Rosedale where Adam kindly cooked me an egg and made me a coffee before I rushed off to try and catch up with time. The next stop was Traralgon where I was greeted by a pleasant surprise of a group from the Moe Parkinson's Support group. Lucky I had caught a bit of time and was able to have a chat with the group while I fed myself a very needed dose of protein and carbs before heading off to tackle the last leg.

First part of the Moe support group who met us in Traralgon

On arriving in Moe we encountered some drama as the name and location google maps had given us for the Oval we said we would meet the support groups at was wrong. So after cycling around town to try and find Moe Oval and the support crew who we had been informed would be waiting my legs finally gave in and we headed to tonight's caravan park while I tracked down a contact number for the support group to apologise. On arrival to the caravan park we were greeted by the support group who as it happened thought that was were we were going to meet all along. So it all got sorted and I finally got to meet the rest of the Moe support group.

The rest of the Moe support group who came to greet us at Moe.

So far this afternoon Adam and I have been exploring the town to find essentials like more iron tablets, another plastic tub to store all the stuff we thought wouldn't get eaten but still did and dinner for tonight. We have also unpacked and repacked the car in a hope of again getting rid of the mouse. Oh and Adam dis some work.

Adam busted doing work, no rest for this boy.

All in all I know today was meant to be an easy day and it would have been a very pleasant ride, if it wasn't for the head on winds the entire way. I honestly do not think my legs have ever hurt that much ever, to the point I had tears in the last 5 km. I really do hope tomorrow the wind is either behind me or just not there as I have my last big day and I am tired as anything now.

Hope you are all well, only two more days to go.

Eat lots of yummy food.


  1. Adam and Sarah
    Do you do "Stand Up" comedy? I know that the cause is a serious and respected one, but you two are quite a duo.
    I hope my praise doesn't go to your head and you stay as sweet as you are.
    Jan Wiseman
    St. George/Sutherland Parkinsons Support

  2. Sarah, I have goosebumps knowing that you're a day away from Melbourne. You're so damn amazing!
    As for the mouse - good luck catching it - with all those supplements and GU Gel I reckon its no longer a normal mouse.
    Perhaps try putting your iron pills in the eski?
    Hope you're riding with the wind and if you're not, get down on those drops!
    Proud of you girl!

  3. Jan; Ha ha ha I tell dad jokes... does that answer? Glad you are enjoying the blog. The trip would have definitely been dull without Adam around.

    Shu; I caught him!!! Finally!! He was looking like a bit of a super mouse and I was glad I caught him before he could catch me. I am excited but sore, very sore.