Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 9 - A day of rest

Dinner the night before, I only had 1/2 a glass I swear!

After a light day cycling into Lakes Entrance yesterday we were fortunate enough to have our rest day. Although dinner wasn't massively wild, it was actually quite pleasant, we felt we would all sleep in until the grand hour of 7AM. Once we dragged ourselves out of bed we made a scrumptious cooked breakfast, washed and then headed out to our first destination for the day, Caves.

Exploring the caves

Adam had never been in a cave before and what better time to reward him for all of his help then the rest day. We were very fortunate as our tour group ended up just being the three of us, I presume everyone else was still in bed. After seeing the caves we went for a nice stroll up to the spring and then into town for a coffee. Lunch was a picnic back in Lakes Entrance which we indulged in by the water as we watched the sardines be brought in.

There were so many sardines on this boat! It was unbelievable!

The rest of the day was really very lazy as we were both extremely tired, we went for a stroll, fair welled mum and got ready to go early the next day. We also checked how our mouse removal plan had gone. The night before we cunningly set up a drop trap with some peanut butter to lure the mouse out of the car. It did appear to work but we wanted to be sure he hadn't crawled back in.

Tomorrow is just over 100km and my legs are starting to feel it. Not long now.

Put your feet up.

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